2019-20 Mosaic Basketball 4 Blaster Box Break – PELICANS FREE RANDOM BONUS


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4-box break of sealed 2019-20 Panini Mosaic NBA basketball blaster boxes. Each box contains 8 packs, with 4 cards per pack, including the exclusive ORANGE FLOURESCENT MOSAIC PRIZMS.
The box break format is random teams. Teams will be chosen by randomizing teams and then buyers on Random.org at the beginning of the break. THE NEW ORLEANS PELICANS will not be a part of the initial random team drawing, but will be awarded randomly at the end of the break AS A FREE BONUS, so no matter the team you receive at the beginning of the break, you will also have the chance to obtain whatever New Orleans Pelicans cards we receive during the box breaks. The PELICANS cards may be awarded individually to different participants, or as a single lot, at our discretion. Again, the drawing for the Pelicans will take place after the boxes have been opened, there will be no chance for any participant to obtain the Pelicans as their random team in the beginning random drawing, only in the random drawing at the end of the break. No participant except the winner(s) of the bonus drawing will receive any New Orleans Pelican cards.
Feel free to purchase multiple spots.
All cards will ship.

Break Date and Time

The break is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 24th at 9 p.m. Eastern. Break date and time may change depending on the number of spots that have been sold by the date of the break. We reserve the right to delay the break until a time when all of the break spots have been purchased.
The break will be streamed live on Facebook, at Facebook.com/GoldMedalSportscards

Terms and Conditions

YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING A BOX OR PACK OF CARDS, YOU ARE PURCHASING A RANDOM SPOT IN A BOX BREAK.  YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE ANY SPECIFIC CARDS. By purchasing a spot or spots in this break, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, linked here.
Please contact us with any questions. 


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